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Thread: ABC Department Store's Facade in Dbayeh

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    Default ABC Department Store's Facade in Dbayeh

    ABC Department Store's Facade in Dbayeh

    8 Sep 2011 | By Archileb

    nARCHITECTS is currently in construction of the 500,000 sq.ft. ABC Dbayeh department store - a Beirut landmark for Beirut’s oldest and most important department brand. This project provides a 300,000sf addition and a new facade for the existing 200,000sf building. Turning various constraints into opportunities, the project creates a cohesive assembly of disparate parts: four volumes step down the sloped site, terminating in a backlit laser cut aluminum screen on a prominent highway bordering the Mediterranean Sea.

    The screen will reduce heat gain on the building’s western exposure. Waste from the aluminum cut-outs on the westernmost volume is being used as a cladding element throughout the remaining three volumes.

    Text and Images courtesy of nARCHITECTs

    Location: Beirut, Lebanon
    Program: Department Store exteriors
    nA Scope: Design of all exteriors to 100% CD level, including overall massing and details.
    Area: 500,000sf building (including Phase 2)
    Completion: In Construction as of January 2011
    Consultants: ARCHITECT OF RECORD: ABC Department Store Technical Team: Lamia Jallad, Johnny Salman. STRUCTURE: Bureau Rodolphe Mattar, Beirut; Architect, INTERIORS: A-Consult; LANDSCAPE: ZMK.
    Team: Eric Bunge, Mimi Hoang (Principals);Phase 2: Stephen Hagmann (Project Manager), Tiago Barros (Project Architect), Hubert Pelletier (Project Designer), Seung Teak Lee. Phase 1: Stephen Hagmann (Project Architect), Hubert Pelletier, Tiago Barros, Julia Chapman, Dominique Gonfard, Christopher Grabow (Design Team). Competition Phase: Alice Wong (Project Designer), Dominique Gonfard, Adam Vana.
    Client: ABC Department Stores
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    the team is made up of foreigners mostly if not all?


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