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Vampire,the lesson that Zidan taught you was 4 years ago on the German territory.Regarding 1998,I think ths year proved that Brazil fari2 byenshara w byenbe3 3a 2awlet li 7atetlo sourto man

No one denies that Brazil and Brazilian players made football what it's like today,especially players like pele zagalo sucrat etc...however don't underestimate Netehrland who really impressed everybody during late 70's and late 80's giving the world an all time famous players like Van basten and yuhan kroyf,or Kuman raicard berkham overmars etc..

rememer that many Brazilian players graduated from Ayax and Eindhoven football schools.

For me I used to support Germany up to 2008 but I converted with total conviction to become ' English ' since I saw how much the English school is offering for football especially in the premiur league and I believe what happened in their game against germany was very shameful for football and unfair for their career.However,I still believe that Netherland has within its ranks the best players in the worl with the trio Rooben,Sneider,Van Perse in addition to the mystro Van Bommel..
Yes Zehlewi ; That is the real Taboo . Some dare to speak and some will be accused for Paranoia of Conspiracy theories .. Everything is becoming a trade these days .. Even if some will say you cannot buy a full team but some may catch up with a player or two ...
To tell you the truth , I tend to believe Football is becoming a Betting business no more and no less ...