In the internet world you start a business or a website by buying a domain from scratch first, which will be and work as your website address, and then you go from there.

So you basically would buy a name that is available, for example (, then after that you create and design and run your website according to your plan.

So you start by sponsoring an available name, and then you promote that name using your own finance and experience.

In the Baathi world, like when buying stocks, the Baathi have a list of all terrorist organizations/groups names that are some how idle, each with a stock value, the stock value of each group depend on the group's past terrorist accomplishments, and every now and then they will sponsor one of those names to promote the group and accomplish political and military goals for themselves....and then they will destroy the group or abandon it, to destroy one group they will sponsor another one, and use the new one to destroy the previous one, or at least bringing it back to an idle state would be satisfactory.

The Syrian Baathi regime has been on the US Department of State's list of State sponcors of terrorism since 1979.

The list of terrorist groups the Baathi regime is affiliated with, and at some point sponsored by the baathi regime, during the Lebanese civil war which was their own fabrication and orchestration:

Democratic front for the Liberation of Palestine.
Popular Front for The Liberation Of Palestine.
Palestinian Liberation Organization. (PLO)
Amal Movement.
Murabitun Movement.
Syrian Social Nationalist Party of Lebanon.
Abu Nidal Organization.

The list of terrorist groups that the baathi regime have created from scratch:
Fath Al Islam Movement.
Palestinian Abou Moussa Brigade.
Palestinian Saaiqa brigade.

The List of terrorist organization that the Baathi regime help create and grow with the help of Iran and other state sponsors terrorism like Qatar