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Thread: Saudi Arabia Warns of Economic Fallout if Congress Passes 9/11 Bill

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kanaan View Post
    Papers are showing that Saudi Arabia's government was part of 9/11 attacks.

    You are talking about a savage cruel sick psychotic government that crucifies human beings and hangs their corpses, after forcing them into false confessions.

    You are talking about a despicable murderous barbaric regime that decapitates a screaming woman with a sword on a public street.

    You are talking about a sick government that charges female drivers with terrorism.

    Make no illusion here @Kasarjian, the Saudi regime are pure terrorist and that is why I call them (ISIS) Saudi Daesh!!

    Baathists can be terrorists too! I use to call them that a lot, but the Saudis have stole the show over the past few years.
    Do I care what they do in their own country?
    The Fact is clear, the Saudi government in their history have never done any harm to Lebanon but only the contrary, the fact is clear that Saudi government has assisted the Lebanese government financially for the last 50 years, not only they did not kill us but they bailed us out 100s of times, they did not financed terrorist organization, they did not arm terrorist organizations in Lebanon, they did not favor one group or sect over another like your khoumeini and Baathi friends...
    Go blame your Baathi and Khoumaini friends for 500 thousand deaths between Lebanon and Syria...
    Your Baathi and Khoumeini friends killed 500 thousands human being between Lebanon and Syria, which Lebanese or Syrian did the Saudi kill?
    The Saudi government did not kill any Lebanese nor Syrian compared to 500000 Lebanese and Syrian causalities...

    @Kanaan You are justifying 500 thousands causalities by trying to tell me the Saudi government executed a woman, are you that much of an idiot?

    Baathist are the ones who destroyed Lebanon and Syria not the Saudi government, if it was not for the Saudi government all Lebanese would have left Lebanon long long time ago due to economical reason and even hunger, so stop being an idiot the Sunnis were to never recruit ad engage themselves into the Syrian war if it was not for the Baathis and the khoumeinis republican guard who has about 100 thousands Iranian soldiers fighting and killing the innocent people of Syria.

    The Baathist created all the terrorists of the Middle East including Sunni terrorist, Hizballah, PLO, Fat7 Islam, ISIS, Nusra Front, Hamas, and every one you can think of....
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