I was talking today to a preacher friend of mine, affiliated with a Pentecostal Christian denomination. He preaches on the side part-time. His full time job is working for a public service company in New Jersey.

The guy is of North European and Italian descent.

Anyhow we were talking about food - ethnic cuisine - which is best.

And I mentioned Arabic food.

So this preacher said ... Best food in the world.

He says whenever he is sent to Paterson, New Jersey, he is in heaven. Walking up and down that street, and the smells. These people, he says, still have the old family recipes, and he loves it. He always stops in for a meal at a Lebanese place.

He is of part-Italian extraction - a very popular cuisine style world wide - but he has come to the conclusion that Arab food is the best in the world.

Just thought you would find that interesting.

I found it fascinating. I never expected him to love Lebanese food so much.