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So here we are again this July 4th, 2017, we have a President of the United States that does not believe that you can be too patriotic like the last president said a few days ago, how sad for the former president.

This year we honor those who gave their lives to the course of freedom and we give our time to those who participated and survived.

This day also marks the decline or the high watermark of Christian control and influence in the Holy land, today's Israel, with the defeat of the Christian Army at Hattin Israel, the battlefield is safe so far, we honor those men who fought there, we honor our family who fought and died there and we honor those that survived to fight another day.

This year is slightly different for we begin this July to offer further reading on a personal hero Reynald d' Chatillon Prince of Antioch, the Wolf of Kerak, slandered as an object of scorn by Ridley Scotts movie " Kingdom of Heaven" and most old school medieval scholars.

Today we include another a very short perspective by scholars on Reynald d' Chatillon and the battle, it will be my pleasure in years to come to add to this page about the man and why he is important to me.