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Thread: Turkey is deploying troops to Qatar for support are you good in trigonometry?

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    Default Turkey is deploying troops to Qatar for support are you good in trigonometry?

    for donkeys only myself included so no one takes it personally.

    The link between Qatar, Turkey and Iran has been exposed...

    And when I say Iran, that means that Bachar Assad and Hizballah are included.....every time I say Iran that is, I had to be specific because some people here do not know that Iran Hizballah and the Baathi regime are one thing.

    -fact (a): [that Turkey is deploying troops to Qatar favoring Qatar over Saudis...]

    Now can someone explain to me the theory @Kanaan and few others have been been sticking to for the last 8 years:
    -Kanaan and others theory(b): [that Erdogan and the Saudis and the Qataris are supportive of the ISIS and that at the same time Iran and Bachar Assad are fighting the ISIS with Russian help, but at the same time also Iran and Turkey support and favor Qatar over Saudis]...(remember when I say Iran that means Bachar Assad and hizballah are included)...

    Fact (a) contradicts Kanaan and others theory (b)
    I say Iran(Bachar and Hizballah included remember!), Turkey, the ISIS, Qatar and Russia are playing an organized premeditated game.

    The Saudis have nothing to do with supporting the ISIS, nor Hamas nor the Muslim Brotherhood of Eqypt, on the other hand, Iran and Hizballah are pro Hamas, Turkey and Qatar never denounce Hamas and the brotherhood.

    Iran, Hizballah, the Baathi regime, Russia, Turkey and Qatar are the main players of the ISIS.

    Without the Baathi regime and Iran, the ISIS was a cardboard tiger.....a name with no game to play even if some countries intelligence agencies are behind ISIS, the problem is no one is against it....

    The Baathi regime, Russia, Turkey, Qatar, Iran, Iraq, Hizballah never really fought against the ISIS......they all accepted the ISIS and protected it until mission was accomplished.

    Any of these countries could have crushed the ISIS in 24 hours, but no one wanted to...the countries i meant here were, the Baati regime, Iran, Iraq, Russia....(Hizballah is not a country but they never fought against the ISIS they protected it)
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