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User Permissions - Anti Spam measures

In order to combat spam and bots trying to post innapropriate threads on this forum, Sawte has implemented a new user group system.

A new user registering on forums will be considered a "Registered User" and will not be able to start a new thread and will be restricted from certain functions, such as posting images, attachment, etc. Reading and replying to existing threads is still permissible and the usage of basic editing functions is still switched on.

The new user will be automatically promoted to "full user" once he/she hits the following: 1- 3 days since registration 2- at least 5 posts in the forum Once the user is promoted, he/she will have full access to the forum functions.

For known members who register and want the restriction lifted, please PM the administrators and we will gladly help you with the bypassing of this measure.

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