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My Rants - Part 1 - M14

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It’s been on my mind for some time now, so I finally decided to plunge into it; “it” is my rants that comes very naturally to me and I can go on and on forever.
Maybe it is my eternally unsatisfied trait or just intolerance, but ranting is what I am known for and I have been holding for so long that I need to spill the bean(s) !
Anyway, let me pick a topic and stick to it for each blog, and I will start with politics, surprise surprise, a Lebanese talking politics J .
I may be inclined to talk about M8, Hizballah, Aoun, Berri, etc.. But I will stick it up first to our dear friend in M14, or as they are collectively known as “the court’s eunuchs”.
Now M14 is a collection of “victims”, those who lost a dear one, those who were imprisoned, those who were exiled, persecuted, etc. The victims fought hard and achieved some breakthrough with the help of the people who marched behind them and some foreign countries that helped their cause as well. A very nice story that is supposed to have a nice ending indeed, victory to the downtrodden and outcasts in the face of enormous and powerful enemies, that’s what legends are made of, right? Wrong indeed!
Coming from a victimised background is one thing, behaving like a victim all the time is something else, and herein lies the main problem of M14, they refuse to take responsibility and act like bullied every time they are faced with tough decisions.
Since 2005, so many opportunities have presented themselves to M14, yet, like a spoiled child, they managed to squander each and every one of them with their cautious, some might say cowardly, approach. The only thing the M14 were successful at doing during the last 6 years is organising memorials and crowds for election days and other functions; you can say they became a “hire a crowd” master!
I am not sure whether revisiting some decision over the last six years would add any weight to my criticism, but I will skim over some very quickly:
· Winning the 2005 elections yet failing to dispose of Lahoud.
· Never governing on their own despite 2 elections wins
· Electing Nabih Berri as speaker twice!
· Appointing Kahwaji as Chief of Army “as a compromise”
· Electing another “Army General”, approved by Syria, as President
· Failing to protect civilians in May 2008
· Failing to demand the disarmament of Hizballah in July 2006 and thereafter
· Living in paralysis for 6 years whinging and whining about everything
· Ditching decent ex-MPs such a Misbah El Ahdab and Fatfat for Safadi, Mikati and Karami!
The list can go on for ever, for about every decision was inconsistent with what M14 preached to its supporters and reeked hypocrisy and cowardice. They kept on saying that they are doing so to avoid sending the country into armed conflict, but the result of this inaction and submission is far much worse than staying true to their beliefs.
It is ironic that the Syrian people today are showing M14 how to behave, despite losing 3000 people and the shackles that they are facing in contrast to M14 in Lebanon.
What is more laughable to me is the optimistic view and the positive reinforcement emanating from the M14 camp, yes the government is about to disband, Hizballah are cornered, the world is behind us and fairies exist between Qreytem and Maarab too!
I always believed that there are two types of leaders in the world; a leader who leads by exercising power represents the first style of leadership, the second leads by empowering others, mainly their subordinates. Alas, M14 leaders are a third type; they do empower others, but in this case, their enemies!
What is sad in this whole saga is that the M14 followers, much similar to the M8 followers, are just that, followers (or sheep in a big city)! There is no accountability or self-evaluation, the leader is always right and we just parrot his golden words and stick them up on Facebook, MSN and in our signature and repeat them in front of the whole world to show how politically savvy we are! Enjoy.

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  1. Garfield's Avatar
    reminded me of Churchill: "You were given the choice between war and dishonour. You chose dishonour and you will have war."
    You mean Allouch (as ditched MP), not Fatfat.
  2. Peter Pan's Avatar
    Exactly Garfield, I was thinking of Churchill and waiting for someone to join the dots
    And thanks for the correction, yes Alloush.
  3. jiu giusti's Avatar
    Right on dear Peter.

    BTW, why are you using terms (Leaders, Leadership, empowering, ...) that are not in the Lebanese dictionary?
    In fact, it 'incompetent, loyal, servants, Za3im, Yes Man, Yes Women, do this, do that .....