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It's difficult to find great deals in the Lebanese real estate market for several reasons. The first is that every person thinks that they are a broker. Its true. Every human being in Lebanon thinks that he can be the middle man in a real estate deal.

Whether looking for land for sale or an apartment, finding the right deal can be a real difficult process. Its important to realize that most property in Lebanon is sold all cash.
Very few mortgages are available for acquisition purposes.

Yet despite this difficulty, if one looks at the market from a buy and hold perspective, you can make few mistakes in buying land in the mountains. The rugged hills above the coast usually have excellent views of the mediterranean and building zoning is not prohibitive.

The best way to find property these days if you are not in the country is to visit some of the new websites that showcase properties. WWW.ARADEEK.COM is one of the better sites that I have seen. It has comprehensive information that allows you to make educated decision. Aradeek also provides images of the properties as well a many pertinent features.

Once you find the apartment or land you are looking to buy in Lebanon, you can begin the exhausting process of negotiating.

This I will leave to another post.

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