Syrians Call for 'Day of Rage'...

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I share your concerns about those issues . But i believe that humanity is learning from its own ordeals .
I believe also that Germans for example dropped their stupid belief of being the supreme race as i believe that Japanese dropped their stupid belief of being the sons of God-Emperor , and so on ...
I find that most of the people who survived such ordeals took their now precious lessons ... Their learned to be Humans the hard way ... But they learned . That's why i said we , in the middle East are living in our Dark Ages .
No country can escape the will of peace anymore , and any attempt to commit atrocities or injustice are firmly countered by huge demonstrations all around the world , and Governments learned the hard way to respect that ...
I'm not saying that we're living in a perfect world and i'm not convinced that the ups and downs are over , especially when looking at our region , but i believe that the general course is very assuring ..
We're left with one or two Tyrants , but after that the power of the people will increase more and more . Only just and perfect governments can restore their trust ..
The Europeans and the Japanese learned alot , it is true, bas as I said before, Europe is not as important as it was 100 years ago, they can do their best, but alone they can't do much, the real problem is the United states, and now China, and in a short term India and Brazil.

Most of your concerns cannot be applied on the North Hemisphere ... Scandinavians are paying money to convince people to marry and have children . Their levels of Democracy and human rights allowed them to be superior over the south hemisphere . Their awareness of human respect allowed them to overpass their differences and turn them into beneficial characteristics ..
You see ... All your concerns are here ... in our region , Africa and Asia ... Where dictators , Tyrants and hypocrites mimicking true religions into chaos ..
As for the North , Resources and opportunities are endless , countless and always on the run .
We want to live in Dark ages ... That's all ... That's why i'm very intrigued by the sudden awakening in the middle east ..
Lik holeh shou biyotla3 minon? Africa and Middle east are simply a milk cow! They offer resources for the rest of the world however they have no role in shaping it. Anyway the problem if resources is real, the first thing that will emerge is the oil crisis and plenty more would result from it. And the west is not spared bil 3akes they'll be the first one who suffer...

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