The International Woman Day

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it is the day for us in Lebanon to remember and realize how backward and regressive we remain in our nfous w nosous

it is a day for each and every one of us to stop and reflect in the violent abusive dynamics we facilitate to repress ourselves, and to oppress others

it is a reminder of the unique Lebanese schizophrenia that we keep praising and producing jeel wara jeel,

a reminder of our shabby empty slogans of self-claimed values, freedoms, civilization and modernization

it is a day where Lebanese women and men go deeper in their unique s**t persecuting themselves and discriminating against each other and against the scary “stranger” under the herd concept/practice of preserving their metaphysics and myths of imaginary uniqueness and purity of blood, culture, sect and religion

this day is a slap on the Lebanese people face, damn us the backward liars sexists bigots, when would we wake up to realize the individuality of each and every one of us and get rid of that medieval chains of patriarchal BS and devolution and at least quit pretending being civilized and stop our self-claimed racist superiority

damn the herd tendency

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    The problem is deep rooted in our culture and we manage to find any excuse to just deny women full rights, from demographic balance to religious issues, we are a sick society that will never evolve at the same rate as the whole world is moving, hence we will always fall further behind.