life signs of a dead society

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In a few days, 51% of 51% the majority of the Lebanese people will march to a square where they will stand for hours listening to petty talks and small speeches which lack any sense of God given wit or charisma. they will stand in the rain, in the snow, in the dashing heat, under any sun, whether it was blue, yellow or orange. they will march and stand, not so united, to honor a five year old corpse. a few months earlier, other percentages of the Lebanese nation stood in a similar square honoring a 7th century degraded image of chivalry, and a corpse. A few months later, it will be the turn of another gathering, another corpse, different colors. It seems hard to rally people in this miserable society without corpses or cadavers. As if the entire sense of political engagement resolved around the wicked stench of decaying flesh and degrading bones. (Even the corpses of the deceased victims of the Ethiopian airlines plane that crashed in the sea a few weeks ago, hold a gathering of their own.)
I am afraid this is but only a symbolical and ironical image of the society that the Lebanese have succeeded to alienate in the past few decades.These are the life signs of a dead society.
I leave you now, until we meet again ..... around a corpse.

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  1. reine's Avatar
    I wish we could rally people in such large numbers around a real cause... with concrete objectives. Not this empty political rhetoric. That would be wonderful.
  2. Peter Pan's Avatar
    This is the banana republic where we just gather to "show our strength" and they do the same; it is a childish game with no winners, everyone goes home happy to talk about the event for a couple of days around morning coffee and evening social gathering.
  3. roni fidelus's Avatar
    how come i do not remember posting this in the blogs?
  4. administrator's Avatar
    RF, I promoted it to blog from your post, it is an option in the forum (icon at the bottom).
  5. roni fidelus's Avatar
    so it is a promotion, nice. do i get a raise?
  6. administrator's Avatar
    Roni, I thought you are smarter, a promotion means more work for the same pay ...
    Quote Originally Posted by roni fidelus
    so it is a promotion, nice. do i get a raise?
  7. janoubi's Avatar
    not necessarily admin, promotion can also mean more work for more pay, or same work (different projects/jobs) for more pay.

    btw roni, nice piece.