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  1. Not is not allowed interesting .....this forum is not PC ....a good thing, you will like it lots of old friends some new. Yes the Hood is based on real folks or Fulks lol, surprised me too when I discovered the story. Seen the movie a million times and like all the versions.
  2. I didn‘t know RH was based in real people
    PS : I wanted to say you are not my son, but I swallowed the “not“..
  3. hehe good to see one of the best of the opposition join our merry lot. Welcome to your new play ground. I saw you showed up and was just about to change the story and location. That said you do understand that the character was based on a few actual people, one of them my ancestor Fulk FitzWarin III, he's allover the internet, lots of relatives in that part of the world.

    Good hunting Robin I'll keep a look out for you.
  4. You are my son.
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