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  1. that is the issa ben miriam unit.
  2. Umm theresa brigades :

    : ))
  3. Why the name change LU? Brosco, sounds Italian. Is it part of rejecting the Arab identity?
  4. Thats a real bloody shame. Poor guy probably doesnt know this site exists .He would be a fantastic addition to this place .
  5. No idea ramez! I am not sure even where JI lived. He was mysterious.
  6. Kanaan, where the f-ck is Jamhouri ? I need his insight on the situations .
  7. I dont follow religion . So no I dont fast : )
  8. hey ramez, are you celebrating ramadan?
  9. No no! Phoenicia United. Distance yourself from the hatred "jarab!"
  10. Good thanks, how about yourself?
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