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  1. yes..we miss you bro..where are you
  2. vampi, hello my link to on my work computer has been broken and will not allow me to post..I have tried so many ways to retrieve to no avail..When I am home either the kids or my wife is hawking the laptop, except early in the morning where I do not have much time to post..I do read most of you guys post early morning but I do not have much time in the morning to participate..I am with guys in spirit you, sonyah and nora who I do not see on here a lot...thanks for checking with me..
  3. Hi Sheikhna ; Weynak ya man ? ...Is everything fine ? ..Leych 7aremna men talettak?

    God bless you my brother
  4. Tammenna annak ya sa7bee.nchallah kelle chee tamam ma3k we ma3 el 3ayle..Samme3na sawtak..I hope to hear from you soon..
  5. keefo bro
  6. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Bro ; Best wishes for Happiness and long life ; God bless you Seeman and keep well ...
  7. keef el chabeebeh el taybeh
  8. Just taking a break..thanks for checking, keep up the good work..
  9. A7la 3alam ; 2a2wa battal ; Kbir inta ya Seeman . Ya man shte2na la your lovely posts . Badna nzegzig el 3awniyeh shi shwayeh . Your brother vampire .
  10. you too Vampi, your birthdate indicates that you also are a 16 months too belong to the grow up club..looooooooool..hala beech khayee
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