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  1. glad you returned! wb
  2. well ive been a bit busy of late, but yes i will be back ana mish going anywhere except maybe lebanon or mexico soon
  3. I missed you too man ; Hope you came back for long and good ...
    God bless you ...
  4. joseph my old friend, we miss u!
  5. Khalina nshoufak aktar Kanaan ... Ma tawel el ghaybeh .... God bless you .
  6. thanks for the rep vamp, always a pleasure to read your posts.. here, there, or somewhere else
  7. Hope you have good time there ... And you should tdbeka mni7 since i feel your appetite is always good in eating ( Sa7teyn ) hehe ... God bless you Kanaan .
  8. well im always here vampire, yesterday logged into the BG site and read a few of your posts, its hot here, the 'la fete nationale du quebec' today so i think i will go check out some festivities. hope all is well. thanks for the 'rep'
  9. Kiffak Kanaan , Yalla badna nshoufak bi lebnen ...Ma badna tssir canadeh hehe ....AVATAR ? Khayeh Kanaan , Inta bta3arif min el Vampires ....hehe , lashou badna AVATAR gOD BLESS YOU .
  10. why no avatar vampire?
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