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  1. Merry Christmas my dear brother, I hope you and your family and friends enjoyed a great Christmas time, and I sure hope that the new comming year will be the best year ever for you and evry Lebanese on the face of the earth.
  2. merry christmas my friend
    may it fill ur life with joy and happiness
  3. happy easter human
    enjoy ur time
  4. Merry Christmas to you and wish your next year will be the greatest ever...
  5. merry christmas and all the best wishes
  6. Thanks Hany and the same for you...
  7. good luck [ u need it and sure deserve it]
  8. I Din't know about the forum because I din't have time to check my e-mail, Thanks to B2a3kafra and nora I knew; however, I will try to make up to the lost time...

    I always post in many forums to defend our belief and cause.
  9. can't imagine u only have 73 posts in the forum , u r the master of countless topics
    what happend to the 11.000 posts
    looks like u are busy posting elsewhere..
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