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  1. Why yes Mr. Kasarjian, I'm from an Island in the Mu7eet al Mahdi ( ? ?? ? )
  2. Hi Mr Katoom, you sound familiar!...are you from an island in mu7id el Mahdi?
  3. Hahahaha... No man, she had a wedding ring on... So I backed down, like the gentleman that I am :P
  4. Did you finally make out with that female that worked at the convenient store?
  5. Nothing much Kas, What's up with you ?

    Its been a while
  6. hey...! what's up doc?
  7. Yes she is, thanks Katoom, 3a'balak 7abibeh.
  8. Is that your daughter in your avatar...?

    She's so cute...
  9. Lol....!!! :d
  10. How can you tell a spam from Aoun?

    I doubt you can prove it.
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