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  1. HaBBy you cut yourself yet?...if not make sure you do not pick a soft
  2. looooool i didn't even notice that, that's not even a good scooter. maybe 50-100 cc at most. this guy needs to get himself a suzuki burgman, with all that weight on the bike i think the alawites picked him off for sure.
  3. lol, the exhaust system is ran through a tire deliberately to caue more
  4. check this dude out, a salafi from bab el tabbaneh:

  5. he called me "kanaan" aka KANSTERS! was that suppose to be an insult ? lol anyways, cedars banned him until the mahdi shows his face.
  6. loool...even with his sorry case he still makes more sense than anyone else on Cedars' forum....
  7. hey little teacher bologna, does polochina post here too
  8. Thank you Kanaan, she is gorgeous and very smart, I am not looking forward to her teenage years, I would love to raise all my children in Lebanon.
  9. hello , beautiful daughter you have!
    take care
  10. I thought that you may be reading his always nonsense analysis, that is why.

    Blaming everything on the Palastinians and Harriris, as if they are even connected, that is what he always does, even if he was 38, that make him less than 4 when the war started, I doubt that he is even 35 based on his out of orbit arguments about politics.
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