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  1. Yes, I found a way around their ban of me
  2. Gregg
    Is facebook O.K. now?
  3. Thank you, my friend

    And Happy New Year to you, Wishing You All the Best for the year ahead
  4. almost missed you my friend Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
  5. Patriot,

    i deleted one of your double post. i hope it is okay with you
  6. from my family to your family,
    may the Joy and Happiness this time of year offers us all follow you and yours all through the year.

    Merry Christmas, my friend, always my best to you
  7. just keeping an eye on things and thanks
  8. i gotta go, will pick up the discussion later.
    ps: thanks for the discussion
  9. thanks for the debate/discussion.
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