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  1. Same for you, akhi!
  2. Have a great Summer my friend.
  3. Likewise and thanks for your reps ol buddy, we continue to battle the lies from the opposition. You have a strong voice that is respected by the them it's good to see mind in action.
  4. Thanks for the rep!
  5. Thank you my friend but you are the doctor when it comes to science, the language, the technical end of all this...and that is specific knowledge of which is not my suit. but I manage, good you are here, we are few, but we are strong.
  6. You truly are a knowledgeable man, kudos ya Sam
  7. Thanks once more!

    You can check my recent post in this appropriate thread:

    Seriously, these biased scientist represent a huge backwardness potential, a true threat to scientific analysis.
  8. they were earned by you job well done and we are only at the beginning. take care my friend.
  9. Thanks for the kind words!
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