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  1. loooool nice one...scanned thru too fast to notice at first
  2. Jimmy you didn't 'get' my article about the Chinese guy killed. Re-read it but please keep it a secret. I want to see if anyone else notices it. lol.
  3. Ramez quit the forum. We have to lobby him to return.
  4. trailer park boys lool i forgot about that

    saw it a while ago...canadian humor is a bit skewed but it was pretty funny
  5. Did you watch Trailer Park Boys? Shitstorm, reminds me of it:
  6. thanks - yes i do

    get to lose a few pounds while im at it too
  7. Happy Ramadan Jimmy, do you celebrate Ramadan
  8. You should invite your allies Jimmy! Your work will be much tougher for you on this forum
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