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  1. hello, yes i did get tired of it for a few reasons. thanks for noticing i left though. i will reactivate it soon, its become a distraction and right now, im working on something that i need to finish soon and i don't want to be distracted by facebook. i was also getting annoyed on there. i also live in a very small place and i am tired of people asking me about the stuff i comment on (such as middle eastern things). keep in touch on here until then or email.
  2. hello kanaan! got tired of facebook?
  3. It is suppose to be a volleyball.
  4. Make your avatar spin faster so it will become white!!! =D
    people will think you dont have an avatar!!!
  5. wow! I was thinking he was a menber of a comedy show!
  6. thanks guto, do you know who the handsome devil is? it's khaled sheikh mohammad.
  7. nice avatar kanaan!!! =D
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