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  1. happy new year dear greg
  2. time for me to leave for the day, cyu later
  3. i have to leave for work, my friend will check in later.

    i'm leaving while listening to Venus by the Shocking Blue,
  4. Merry Christmas, my friend, and thanks for the wishes. May you and all your family and friends have a wonderful Christmas
  5. i deleted my thread in favour of Human's, he already posted the same article under a different header
  6. thanks
  7. my friend, i enjoy music. as i said, it allows us that little bit of escape. nothing is better than wrapping oneself up in music rather than the crap on the tube or in the media. the world is falling apart and all we need to do is sing together.
  8. my friend, i left just before you, so, good morning now
  9. i gotta get some sleep, been up all night but welcome back
  10. did i win the song titles thread
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