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  1. Being against gays is one thing, but against freedom is another, we are all against gays in the Middle East, but we cannot be against freedom, if that is the case then why do you and your family work & live in England?...England has a large gay community, but at least they have freedom where as long as you do not break the law, there is no limit to what you can become, compare to Lebanon where you can be shot today and the killers who happen to live in Da7yeh can walk free, then one of the killers might decide to take a walk in front of your parents house and in some cases dare to introduce himself to the victim's family.
  2. Shaaban is an intellectual woman. How you can ridicule such a lady only you can answer.
  3. loooooooooool @ Ramez you are funny man....that Buthayna shaaban of yours...even a towel head from Da7yeh won't even give her a blow job tfouuuu...loooooool
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