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  1. happy new year dear sam
  2. thank u dear sam , what keep me sane in these dark times is the genuine music , genuine films and the existance of few genuine people like you , stay well and all the best
  3. Yes my dear friend I think of you often, Birdy Num Num, not too many appreciate those times, so one appreciates a fellow brother. Things go well, stay healthy.
  4. thank you my friend , hopeing all is well with you,cheers
  5. you are welcome my friend take good care.
  6. thank u dear friend....
  7. happy new year filled witl love and happiness to u and all of ur family
  8. my pleasure dear friend , i like to see u much more in the forum...
    hopeing all is well..
    never forget birdie num-num
  9. Thank you my friend for the Thanks I hope all is going well for you. Take care, my friend. Never forget the birdie-num num.
  10. Thank you my friend enjoy your day and Happy Birthday
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