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  1. Thank yourself bro, you produce quality posts!
  2. thanks for the 100 thanks today.
  3. Naaah, I'm not the only one thanking you, besides each time I thank a post I do so out of value.

    Yeah, these people are pretty angry too hahaha
  4. Thanks, if it were not for you I would probably have only 10 thanks. I talk with some Indonesians on the Internet sometime, they are horrified at what is happening there. Very angry.
  5. Thanks for thanking my posts!

    I just met with some Indonesian friends of mine btw.
  6. Unfortunately though, anyone willing to voice his opinion will get jailed. That's why people such as Ahmet Sik got jailed after writing the first pages of a book (Imamin Ordusu) about a very famous and influential religious Turk actually exiled in the US (Fethullah Gülen). They accused all their political opponents of forming some obscure anti-islam pro-kemalist secularism conspiracy they coined "Ergenekon". They even jailed top generals such as Basbug.
    One of the classic themes of Islam, one may say... Mo7ammad also had conspirational deliriums, just read the Qur2aan!

    The main effect of this policy is that now, no talk-shows are aired on the radio, music is the only thing one can find... And TV debates are usually poor and commercials occupy more and more space (as to disinterest people).

    But, if anything, Turks get what they ask for... They elected Arrogan after all.
  7. Yeah, I heard this too... 7assan el bannaa's gradnson, 6ariq rama9'an, also praises Turkey as a model.
    I know Turkey very well, I will spend a whole month back there very soon, so I can tell that things have tremendeously changed.
    Islamists corrupt people in the most horrible ways, give money to people in exchange for their clothing, so they pay them to make them wear 7ijab n' stuff...
    It's like the whole country has become some arab wannabe entity, but thankfully there are still few who beg to differ.
  8. 18,000 Jews, astounding number Only 4,000 Christians. One of the most important churches in the Christian world has now become a mosque. I don't know what these westerners are thinking sometimes when they glorify certain countries...
  9. Damn, I never knew that. People are always revering Turkey for it's tolerance and a secularist state and an Islamic beacon of freedoms and democracy. Much of what I've been reading recently suggests otherside. From an atheist performer living in self imposed exile in Japan, due to state harassment, to the Christian Patriarach who lives in a fortified church and daily death threats, to the bible makers who had their throats cut years back. Then you have them butchering the Kurds and defending the Armenian genocide to this day. I don't know Turkey from a whole in the ground, and I have absolutely no interest in traveling there.

    Hopefully one day you can visit the synagogue in Lebanon. I seen the one in Beirut, it is closed off now as they reconstruct it. Probably will become more of a tourism attraction then a functioning synagogue, sadly.
  10. Besides, the article is wrong, there are actually less than 18,000 Jews back there.
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