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  1. Miss you my friend I hope all is well come back for a visit,take good care.
  2. Let's roll..................
  3. A most welcome greeting my friend.
    Yesterday I was listening to a broadcast from Israel with a noted Professor of Ancient Middle East History.
    He explained that Ancient Israel made war against all her surrounding neighbors throughout history, except one....the Phonecians...only those people did Israel have alliance with and do great things together.
    That we see again with Bachir and that we will see again with friends like you, our bond is firm throughout the ages, that is written. take care
  4. Just passing by to say hello to a good friend ... God bless you and keep well .
  5. Thank you my friend, I enjoy the argument. I can handle the Arab Nationalist, the Mahadist and the Wahabist. I do take great pains with the militant Atheist, them I have problems with.
    They think if they don't believe, they are smarter than those that do, as if there is some correlation between intelligence and belief.

    I thank and wish you and your family Merry Christmas and a joyous 2010. This forum is doing very nicely and will be a great success because of people like yourself. Take care.
  6. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Bro ; Always a pleasure to see you around ; Don't let those fanatics get on your nerve , if you know what i mean , hehe ....TC ,,....
  7. Thanks SAM ; Always a pleasure to see you around my dear friend ... We always miss your excellent posts and they are like the spring breeze ... God bless you and keep well ...
  8. Thank you for the thanks, the interview idea is genius
  9. just as pretty inside as out, if not more so, thanks
  10. Indeed my friend indeed, let's drink to peace, beautiful women, fine food, and the time to enjoy them particular order intended.
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