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  1. Sorry but it will not be restored.
    I will not allow such direct insults against any religion or faith as per the rules of this forum.
  2. why did you remove my post? restore it immediately!
  3. i knew that would get your attention and make you wonder why i asked that . actually, i thought you may have more questions my heritage which, if you do, i have no problem answereing
  4. i'm waiting for your response
  5. Irish, Scottish, Swedish, Norwegian and Native Canadian. yes, my mother was half Lebanese
  6. yes, well part. my grandfather was from Maghdouche, an Al Nachef. thanks for asking
  7. i have deleted your thread on "is this how Muslim ..." for reason stated. i'm sure you posted this for its sexest view and shock value. as far as i am am concerned, this is not appropriate and does not have any real value for discussion.

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