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  1. human's Avatar
    Every era has its complications; however, what devided the christian leaders was playing on each one of them as he is the future leader.

    That why then, and up until today they can't unify their political positions, and that why OTHERS----> ALWAYS chose the country president for them...

    Just look at 3oun in our era, and how syria forced us through 3oun to chose Sleimen as so called---> neutral [Maybe not for long]...
    Updated 08-07-2010 at 01:47 PM by human
  2. hany's Avatar
    the man could be one of the honest politicians but he sufferd from more than one complex made him slave to it in his life , the complex of kataeb , shehab rule and presdintioal hopes , these made him goes back and forth in his entire political stands...
  3. Peter Pan's Avatar
    Good blog Human, very clear and to the point. Thanks mate