Peter Pan

  1. My Rants - Part 1 - M14

    Itís been on my mind for some time now, so I finally decided to plunge into it; ďitĒ is my rants that comes very naturally to me and I can go on and on forever.
    Maybe it is my eternally unsatisfied trait or just intolerance, but ranting is what I am known for and I have been holding for so long that I need to spill the bean(s) !
    Anyway, let me pick a topic and stick to it for each blog, and I will start with politics, surprise surprise, a Lebanese talking politics J .
  2. The Battle of Bkerke

    Following the Saudi/Syrian rapprochement and the diminishment of the Iranian direct influence in Lebanon, we are seeing a new battle ground being fought with the aim to get as many M14 forces to either spheres of influence (Saudi-Syrians or Iranian) in order to consolidate powers.

    Now it is well known that the FM, LF and the Patriarch are the main driving forces of M14, and to a lesser extent the PSP and Kataeb, so the plan of attack from both sides intensified using the following logic: ...
  3. Women in Lebanese politics

    It's disappointing to say the following and this is not an attack on Lebanese women but rather on the society that is stifling their career choices, but having 4 possible women MPs out of 128 MPs is just a disgrace.

    For those of you who donít know some of our history, the first woman MP was Myrna Boustany, who was elected following the death of her businessman father MP Emile Boustani in 1963 for the remainder of her fatherís term (1 year).

    Between 1964 and ...